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 Hi everyone and thank you for visiting the Cat’s Meow!

My background as an animal lover, animal advocate, and healer starts from my childhood years. I can remember as a little girl, I would catch lizards and bring them home with me. I would catch stray pigeons and sparrows in the neighborhood that were injured, bring them home, and nurture them back to health. My mother hated me bringing these animals inside the house because they were “dirty” and could have bugs on them. But I was able to save a pigeon we named Sandy who had a broken leg. We healed her leg and she was released back into the neighborhood. After releasing Sandy and watching her fly, I could feel tears fill up my eyes and my heart pounding with excitement. Although my mom never got used to me bringing in stray animals, I did well nurturing them and returning them back to their habitats.

I also remember one instance in my 20’s with a particular Sparrow. I was driving out of the driveway and ready to drive off when a Sparrow hit my windshield. I stopped my car and looked in my windshield mirror and saw it on the ground motionless. I immediately got out of my car and picked it up. It was still breathing but seemed dazed. It didn’t move in my hands. I parked my car, went inside the house and got a shoebox. I was going to work that morning and called in sick so I could take care of this little bird. After a couple of hours, although conscious now, it was still dazed and not moving much. My parents told me to get rid of it. So I prayed and drove to a local shelter. I scooped the bird up into my hands, walked out of my car and started walking towards the double doors of the shelter. What happened next had to be a miracle. The closer I got to the double doors, I saw movement in my hands and just seconds later, I instantaneously raised my hands over my head with no reason and saw the Sparrow fly away to the tree on the lot. I can remember the sun shining that morning and that moment of flight with my hands still above my head, I saw a miracle right before my eyes.

I soon realized that my love and passion for the animal world connected me to Mother Earth and the Animal Kingdom on so many different levels. So in my 20’s, I trained with many mentors and teachers and became a Certified Healer and adopted my Shamanic roots and traveled around the world giving healing sessions to people and animals. In my late 20’s, I stopped traveling  and focused on helping the communities around me.

I had grown up with a house of dogs, bunnies, and hamsters. I wanted to have cats too but I was severely allergic to cats until my early 30’s. I rescued a orphaned cat who showed up on my doorstep but didn’t think I could keep him. I was working part-time for a chiropractor / nutritionist who was able to desensitize me from my cat allergies. After only two sessions, I was completely free from allergens to cats. And that started my relationship with my very first cat, Kit Kat, the Magikal Legend. Since rescuing Kit Kat, my world changed and opened me up to the amazing world of cats. Currently I live in San Diego with three amazing cats who are a bundle of joy. I have my own Pet Sitting / Dog Walking business, P.E.T.S. BY MJ and I volunteer my time at San Diego Humane Society and the Department of Animal Services.

This blog will include my experiences from childhood up to my current status with my kitties; information on animal health, vet visits, toys, events, and much much more!

Thank you again for you support and would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me.

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Facebook – Blackie the Cat
Twitter – P.E.T.S. BY MJ


MJ with Lexie & Stella

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